Christine J. Gilbert grew up in a small town in Missouri. She was a corporate executive and then later became a successful entrepreneur. She has attended two universities and served in the US Army Reserves.

            Christine is the author of two books, MANipulated Into Fear, There Is Always A Pattern, was published December 19, 2012. The sequel, White Roses In A Dream, Traits, Patterns, and Action Plans was published December 14, 2013, and she is currently writing the trilogy. Her books were written under the pen name Marvela Dawnay. Both books have received ForeWord Clarion Five Star Reviews. She is an advocate against domestic violence, and she enjoys helping others.

            She has a daughter and two grandchildren. By being a grandma, she became aware of the Super Grandparents that spend time with their grandchildren or take care of them full-time. In 2015 she began writing her first book for the Super Grandma and Super Grandpa series to educate children and adults about safety and awareness with a super magical power theme for fun.