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Leaders, Losers, and Lessons” -- A quick read that will make you think differently about what you do and how you do it.  Good decisions truly drive business success, and the cases in this book are clear and concise.  They take you to the proverbial “fork in the road”.  The author has experienced first-hand "the good, the bad, and the ugly", best practices, and lessons learned in human behavior and conditioned responses over time.  “Newbie” or “Old School”, there is something here to learn… 

Mi’Chielle C.

Freelance Development Specialist

 "You'll never find a similar kind of book written by a better author of the same background!  What a GREAT way to teach adults?  By telling stories!  He has an excellent balance of real-life experience and Post-Secondary Education - it makes it hard to slip anything past his spectrum of HR expertise.  This book is both great for those business people with or without industry experience; there are excerpts that mow a wide path in variety.  I can't see anyone who reads it NOT have at least 5 key takeaways from his stories."

Janice H. The HR MacGyver