Five men brought together by the consequences of war, not knowing if they would ever see their families again or survive even another day, but resolved to never give up and never give in to this enemy.  Four had suffered serious wounds and had been captured.  The fifth was a cowardly slacker who wished anyone but himself was in this situation.  He breathed deeply, prayed silently, and became the man no one expected him to be. He risked his life for the sake of the four captured Americans and found that he was more than he believed himself to be. 

As you will learn, the war was devastating to these five brave men.  Their lives were changed forever and the world they had left in America was not the world they returned to.  They could not leave the war behind.  It was in their wounds and in their minds. Many of their fellow Americans wouldn’t let them forget the war either. Some dealt better than others, some never really escaped.

Vietnam created many heroes that no one has ever heard about.  Even though this is a fictional work, the stories of these soldiers and sailors epitomizes the character and bravery of those who served and who continue to serve this great country of ours.  They all would be Heroes.

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